Join PMCs Weight Loss Program and Enjoy Life!

With warmer weather around the corner everybody is anticipating more outdoor activities. Getting in shape to enjoy the outdoors, and going outdoors to get in shape are now complimentary. If you or somebody in your family is overweight, then we at Punjabi Medical Center, serving Austin for over 25 years, are committed to helping you regain a healthy body and revitalize your life. Now that the kids are back in school after spring break, your classes have started, or your resolutions fallen by the wayside, we can prepare a customized program to suit your lifestyle and get you back into shape.

Our effective weight management program is designed to help you lose weight so that you can feel better, look better, and live better. We understand that losing weight is challenging, so we offer easy-to-follow programs that are simple to manage and incorporate into your daily routine. We offer safe, medically supervised programs that make losing weight easier.

Punjabi Medical Center provides you with the support, structure and strategies you require to lose weight quickly, easily and without starving yourself. Our comprehensive weight reduction program is nutritionally sound; designed so that you can develop better eating habits for long- term success.

Our weight loss program takes your health history and current medical condition into consideration while formulating your nutritional program. If necessary, we can also work with your personal care provider. Since our programs are individualized, we can amend your nutritional program and provide you with any dietary changes required, in order to accommodate your specific needs.

Our weight reduction program, though structured, is quite flexible and can provide a balance and variety of nutrition and exercise needed for long-term success. Our team of experts monitors and maps your progress, your general condition and your understanding of the nutritional regimen so that quick results are attained.

We will provide you the tools, and knowledge, about managing and maintaining healthy lifestyle that allows for an efficient metabolism, in order to manage your new weight for a lifetime. Call us for a free consultation or any other information regarding our weight loss program.

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