Not all of the causes for developing dementia are known. Some forms of dementia cannot be prevented. However, Dementia has a few common causes which might be preventable. A healthy lifestyle coupled with medical advice and treatment aimed at reducing these conditions that lead to dementia may prevent you from developing the disease.

Vascular dementia is caused by small frequent strokes by narrowing of the blood vessels in the brain. Your Blood Pressure should be your main focus. Keep a close watch on your readings. If it is high, take the necessary steps to bring it down to a more normal level. Daily exercise and a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables will help you achieve this. You might also consider taking baby aspirin daily.

Head Trauma can cause dementia. You should always wear your seat belt in the car. If you ride a bicycle, ATV, or motorcycle you should always wear a helmet and other protective gears.

AIDs and STDs infections, such as syphilis, may cause you to develop dementia. You can lessen your risk by avoiding high risk sexual practices.

Heavy alcohol use and abuse can cause dementia. You should curtail the amount of alcohol you drink.

Certain vitamin deficiencies can cause dementia. You doctor can check your levels of B12 with a simple blood test.

Dementia can be caused by a hormone deficiency. An under active thyroid can be discovered and treat through your physician.

Keeping your mind active and your body fit may help stave off memory loss or prevent mental decline. Constant mental challenges can help protect the brain by building up neurologic connections. When you keep building these connections, loss of mental functions is less likely from any type of brain injury.

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