If you or your family have noticed a change in your mental functions and/or behavior, it is important that you consult your doctor. Your physician can determine if what you are experiencing is normal age-related memory loss or something more serious like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Without your doctor’s advice, you will never know if treatment for your particular condition is available.

Knowing where you stand early can make all the difference in slowing the development of dementia, and there may be ways to get some of the mental abilities you’ve lost back. Dementia is a progressive life altering disease. You will need support. These systems take time to set up. Dementia affects your judgment and decision making abilities, your trusted family members can assist you to get a true picture of how your condition appears to others.

A few warning signs can point to dementia if they occur frequently and develop into habits. These warrant prompt evaluation by your doctor under those conditions.

You may have trouble learning and remembering new information. Recent conversations, appointments or events may be hard for you to recall. You may find yourself misplacing things, like your glasses and your car keys. You may even forget where you parked your car in a large parking lot.

You may have problems with special orientation. You may become lost or confused even in places that are familiar to you. Such as, not remembering where the bathroom is at your sister’s house. You may also discover you are having problems walking or driving even in your own neighborhood.

Complex tasks may seem increasingly difficult to you. Multi step chores like preparing a meal or repairing something in your home or on your car may leave you increasingly confused and frustrated. You may find yourself confusing the salt with the sugar in a recipe you’ve made hundreds of times, for example.

You may experience issues with planning and reasoning. Coming up with a plan to resolve a problem at home or at work may become harder and harder.

Communicating with others may give you problems. You may frequently become lost in where a conversation is going or unable to grasp the meaning of what another is saying. Perhaps you also notice that you have trouble starting conversations and often struggle to find the right words to express yourself.

Dementia often causes changes in normal behavior. Your family and friends may notice that you are more irritable or aggressive than previously. You may feel completely indifferent to people and events surrounding you.

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