Millions of Americans are affected by arthritis. Arthritis involves the inflammation of various joints in your body. This inflammation can really have an impact on your life. A lot of little things that used to be simple become harder or impossible to do. Here are some tips on how to cope:


  • Used a cane or crutch on the opposite side of a painful knee or hip.
  • Ease painful feet with orthotics which are shoe inserts.
  • Support your joints and decrease strain with braces and splints.
  • Purchase a reacher, a long rod with a grip handle on one end and pincers to grab on the other.
  • Elevate the chair legs in your home to make it easier to get up from and into your seat.


  • Buy pots and pans with handles on both sides.
  • Use an electric jar opener and electric can opener when you are preparing foods.
  • Rearrange your kitchen so that the things you use most often are the easiest to reach.
  • Replace small switches and doorknobs with large, easy-to-grip knobs, or levers which don’t require turning.

Everyday matters

  • Switch to big buttons, button hooks, or Velcro closures.
  • Use lamps activated by touch or by your voice.
  • Replace small, hard-to-turn switches on lamps with larger grip-and-turn knobs.
  • Buy sock aids to reduce leg bending when pulling up your socks.
  • Use zipper pulls to help grab and use the zipper tongue.
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