Almost everyone experiences a back pain some time or another in their life. Back pain can be present anywhere in your back. But, the most common location and by far the most prevalent complaint is lower back pain. In fact, low back pain is the second most common reason people in the United States visit their doctor. This shouldn’t be surprising. Your lower back supports most of your body weight.

The pain you feel in your lower back can come from many other areas in your body. The culprit could be the muscles and nerves throughout your back or even from your spine itself. Even parts of the body not normally associated with your back can cause lower back pain. For example, a hernia in the groin or difficulties in the testicles or ovaries can produce pain that radiates from their location to the lower back.

Most episodes of back pain can disappear by themselves. You must be willing to admit to yourself when your at home care is not doing the trick and seek medical advice. Back pain can often be a short term thing lasting about a month. Or, it can be continuous and chronic lasting over three months. You probably will experience the short term back pain many times in your life. Many times you cannot even pinpoint where exactly the pain is coming from. This is not uncommon. However, long-term, on going back pain is not a normal occurrence without some sort of other underlying reason. If you are experiencing this, you should consult your physician.

Each episode of back pain can differ from one time to the next. One time, it can be a sharp pain. The next, it can be just a dull ache or even a burning sensation. You might feel it in one location, or it could seem to be everywhere and your whole lower back is affected.

Many leg issues like numbness and tingling that sometimes extends below the knee are really caused by problems in the lower back. These can occur even when you are not experiencing any pain in your back at the moment. The culprit is usually some problem in the lower spine which is placing pressure on one of the nerves that extends down into your legs. This is commonly known as sciatica.

Very often back injuries happen at work. But, you should know that it is seldom one specific event that brings the pain on. Many people do things in a way that gradually causes pressure to build up in their back over a long period of time. Your back gradually loses strength and the integrity of its components begins to break down. You aren’t even aware this is happening, but eventually these changes have a cumulative effect and something simple like reaching for a box off the shelf or bending down to pick up your baby results in a spasm of pain. In your mind, it is a single event, but truthfully it is the result of years of improper lifting, standing, and even sitting.

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