You often see tips like these around the holidays. The fact is, although they are helpful to keep in mind during the holidays, these tips are all year tips if you are battling with your weight. If you can turn these suggestions from tips to daily habits, you will be much more successful in keeping the pounds off.

  • Keep active. You probably lead a hectic, busy lifestyle. But, busy is not the same thing as active. The busier your life becomes, the more a regular exercise routine gets crowded out. You feel, you just have too much to do to go to the gym or to an exercise class. Eventually, even a daily walk seems like it takes too much time you can’t spare, and exercise gets dropped out of your routine altogether. Make the time for your workout schedule.
  • Don’t get too hungry. Often, when you are concerned about your weight, you might be tempted to skip meals. You may think it’s all for a good cause because you’re cutting your calories during the day for a meal out or a party later. This strategy usually backfires. You not only have thrown your metabolism off by letting your blood sugar drop and insulin production increase, you will probably be so hungry by the time you do eat at the party that you will have no control. This often leads to binging or at the very least eating more than you normally would. If you have a big night out planned, go ahead and eat light during the day, but eat something when you would normally have your meal.
  • Take some “me” time. Day to day stresses build up over time. Eventually, you can find yourself overwhelmed. In this state, it’s much easier for you to lose track of potion sizes and harder for you to make sensible decisions about what food to eat.
  • Bring healthy treats. Certain times of the year it seems like there’s a party or a dinner every week. You can be sure you won’t be the only person at the party watching their weight. Fruit and vegetable trays are just as festive as they are nutritious. They will be very welcome among the high calorie appetizers and desserts. You may be surprised at how fast they disappear
  • Limit alcohol. Alcohol is empty calories which do not provide any nutrition. After one drink, make a virgin fruit juice or a sparkling water your choice for the road. This not only saves you unnecessary calories, it avoids any concerns about the drive home.
  • Be selective. Party buffet fare and menu choices at a restaurant can often be mind-boggling. By pass the temptation of high-fat side dishes or desserts, you might choose one favorite and indulge yourself with a small portion guilt free.
  • Just say no. While turning down that second plate or extra drink, sometimes it is easier to say you’re full. This tactic can help you avoid the well meaning coaxing that usually follows when you admit to watching your weight.
  • Don’t set yourself up to fail on a new diet. When your life is busy and crammed with upcoming events, you might be tempted to start a new diet. Most people rarely succeed in dieting when their lives are hectic and filled with a whirlwind of activities. Trying to eat healthy throughout the year is a much more realistic goal.
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