Bioidentical Hormones  are duplicates of the hormone your body is lacking. As you age, your body slows production of these hormones as in the case of estrogen and menopause. The type of hormones you are probably more familiar with are manufactured from chemicals from a variety of sources. They mimic the structure and components of natural hormones, but are not exactly the same. The molecules in synthetic hormones are often changed and recombined to produce a more powerful and longer lasting effect on your body from the drug dose.

Hormones are chemical messengers that impact every system and cell in your body. The hormone is made in one part of your body then travels through your bloodstream to cells in another part. Here it delivers its message which tells the cells to perform a specific action. Each of your cells has receptors on the outside of it. They recognize the hormones in your blood stream as they flow by. If that hormone is used by the cell, it scoops it out of the blood for its use. Bioidentical hormones are recognized by these receptors as the exact hormone they are needing. Because these hormones are a match to the hormones your body produces, the enzymes within the cell can break them down and metabolize them the same way they would those produced by your own organs. In your body’s chemistry, molecular structure determines activity and the outcome. The smallest difference can completely change the effect of the action on or within your body.

People are living much longer. Much of their later life will be spent with hormone deficiency. The body’s hormone production declines with age. This fact is associated with many of the diseases that occur in the population starting at mid life. Hormone replacement is often prescribed to relieve the symptoms of diseases resulting from decreased hormone production.

Another difference between the synthetic hormones usually prescribed and bio identical hormones is the way they are manufactured. Synthetic hormones are made in a standard dose. Bioindentical hormones start out as a fine powder that can be easily absorbed by your body. When your doctor prescribes a bioidentical hormone for you, you will receive a prescription for a dose specifically for you. While the bioidentical hormone powder can be made into pills, your prescription can also come in many other forms. These forms may include creams, gels, sublingual drops, even lollipops.

These medicines are not made by a machine. They are made by a compounding pharmacy. Years ago, the pharmacist would use his mortar and pestle to pulverize the medicine’s ingredients, measure them and dispense them. The word compounding means mixing two or more ingredients into a final product. One way to think of it is like assembling the elements to make a salad for dinner: combining the ingredients results in your dinner salad. Your prescription will include the exact dose determined by your physician to be beneficial to you based on your own unique medical needs.

Specializing in the Treatment of:

Women’s Health • Menopause • Fatigue/Low Energy Obesity/Weight Gain • Stress Management • Depression Short Term Memory Loss • Low Sex Drive • Erectile Dysfunction

Sinus Problems Diabetes Bio Identical Hormone Replacement
Allergies/Asthma High Blood Pressure Menopause/Andropause
Adults/Children High Cholesterol Smoking Cessation
Food Allergies Back Pain Behavioral Changes
Headache/Migraine Arthritis
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