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Erectile Dysfunction Specialist

Punjabi Medical Clinic

Narendra Punjabi, MD, PA

Internal Medicine & Addiction Treatment Specialist located in Travis County, Austin, TX

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, doesn’t have to take over your life. Narendra Punjabi, MD of Punjabi Medical Clinic helps countless men overcome erectile dysfunction issues. When you visit his Austin, Texas, practice, Dr. Punjabi spends time finding out what’s causing your condition and finds an ideal treatment. As a leading internal medicine physician, Dr. Punjabi is an expert in identifying the root of erectile dysfunction issues.

Erectile Dysfunction Q & A

When do I need to see a doctor about erectile dysfunction?

Talk with Dr. Punjabi if you have problems in the bedroom that seem to be persistent. Let him know if you:

  • Have difficulty achieving an erection
  • Can’t sustain an erection suitable for sexual activity
  • Notice a reduction in your sex drive
  • Have frequent premature ejaculation
  • Experience delayed ejaculation

Sometimes severe health conditions are linked to erectile dysfunction. Heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes are known to impact your sexual functions. If you have erectile dysfunction and haven’t been diagnosed with a health condition, Dr. Punjabi often spends time finding out if you have any related health ailments.

How is erectile dysfunction diagnosed?

Usually Dr. Punjabi diagnoses erectile dysfunction by discussing your symptoms with you, as well as covering your family history. The diagnosis process often includes a physical exam to see if any abnormalities may be triggering your condition.

Dr. Punjabi typically orders some lab work to evaluate your overall health and check your hormone levels. If your testosterone is low, for instance, it could be triggering your erectile dysfunction issues.

Which erectile dysfunction treatment is best?

Your treatment for erectile dysfunction depends on what's causing it. Sometimes lifestyle choices lead to erectile dysfunction, including:

  • Being overweight or obese
  • Taking certain medications, including over-the-counter supplements
  • Abusing drugs or alcohol
  • A mostly sedentary lifestyle of the time
  • Smoking cigarettes

In these cases, making healthier choices like getting on top of your weight and becoming more active may resolve your erectile dysfunction entirely.

Smoking cigarettes, for instance, increases your risk of erectile dysfunction by as much as 50%, so quitting typically alleviates erectile dysfunction issues. Sometimes depression, stress, or anxiety leads to erectile dysfunction. Taking medications or getting counseling for these problems may help.

Once Dr. Punjabi determines that you're healthy, or while he's identifying health conditions that may be triggering erectile dysfunction issues, he could prescribe medication to help you get your stamina back.

If you're struggling with erectile dysfunction, book an appointment with Dr. Punjabi. You can schedule either online or over the phone.